About Us

Meals ready to eat are brought to you by Bizbox, an South African company with offices in Gauteng. Our staff  are highly recognized in the “retort” area of food production or the food engineering process, which provides the extended shelf life to our meal products.

All of our Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) meals or military style rations are manufactured in South Africa by Bizbox and partner facilities, which are approved and certified.  Bizbox follows all HACCP regulations with the manufacturing of our meals to assure quality control and to meet the highest standards in the food industry.

The Bizbox brand is recognized and a trusted supplier of MRE meals to many international, national and local governmental agencies as well as private organizations, charitable organizations and individuals around the world.  Bizbox’s MRE meals are in use today, across the world; feeding armies, emergency personnel, gas and oil workers, refugees, outdoor enthusiasts, and many more.